Why I Stick to Forums

I just signed up on Quora (Links to an external site.). The beginning of the process reminds of the Stumbleupon (Links to an external site.) site/app, which has been around over a decade. Stumbleupon is a discovery engine, and is not used at all in the same way. Quora is really interesting so far. It asks you for a bio and then releases you into a world of discussions and threads based upon the subjects you chose as your interests.

It seems like there are two primary types of users: professionals who have specific technical questions, and people with little to no knowledge on a subject who are simply curious


There are a vast number of different open forums for every subject and level of maturity on the internet. I must admit, I don’t really care to use sites like these very often due to how unreliable they can be, how off topic discussions can get, and how easily information is shared. I prefer forums on websites dedicated to a single program/issue/brand because if one person puts inaccurate information out there, they will immediately be rebuffed by everyone else in the forum. Granted, this site has up-votes and down-votes, which helps.

When you go to their about page, they flaunt a few big names in major fields and have a quote from a high school kid in Nepal. Like I said, I don’t really use sites like this very often, and their about page makes me even more skeptical. Having a quote from a high school kid in Nepal, while maybe being something that draws on peoples emotions to some level, does not make me believe the site is an exceptional professional tool. I would prefer a quote from someone that is already a professional, at the top of their field.

I’m curious to know if users can be banned for bad information. Knowing that users who are flagged enough times for bad information would be banned would make me much more trusting of the site.

Personally, if I were to use this site on a regular basis, I would probably fall into the user category of someone with little to no knowledge on a subject just asking a question due to curiosity. I’d prefer to stick to sites dedicated to a specific discipline for professional guidance.


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