Canon C300 MkII

A hot topic that I came across on Twitter is the new Canon C300 Mk II video camera. This is a hot topic for me because it is important that I stay up-to-date on video and photo technology. I also love camera technology.

Most of the new cameras coming out have the capability to shoot 4k video, which is bit of a game changer. It will have major impacts on the way that we light, the amount of time a 64 or 128 gig CF card will capture, time to export and render, storage space, etc.

When I worked at MSU Denver, I remember when we purchased the Canon C300. I enjoyed every shoot that I used the camera.

The tech driving the new camera is very impressive. The processors are beefed up to handle the 4k and they’ve added some fun new features. I only shoot using manual focus, and the new camera offers a manual focus assist that allows the shooter to pick a focal point. After you pick the focal point, it will show you if you are keeping focus on the chosen point.

I really hope I get a chance to play around with this thing soon.


2 thoughts on “Canon C300 MkII

  1. saraherkes says:

    It is amazing how quickly DSLR technology changes. My Nikon D300 probably needs an upgrade, but it will most likely be quite a while before I replace by Nikon 8008s, as I’m pretty sure film technology hasn’t changed much since that came out.


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