Teaching Social Media and Tribal Influence

I am currently building a networked learning space through the free version of Canvas to help reporters, editors, and staff at a local newspaper use social media more effectively.

When tackling a website, a NLS, a blog, the notion of tribes is something that I’m beginning to understand on a deeper level. The extreme diversity among people and their interests and passions, creates wonderful niches where all, or many, of the odd little quirks that make a person semi-unique are realistically shared by at least several thousand people. A person can create something to connect all those people who wonder if anyone has something in common with them. A leader, will create a platform where a tribe has the opportunity to naturally form around commonalities.

I can’t honestly say that “tribe” movement has anything to do with the NLS I’m creating.

But the “tribe” movement has made me realize a tribe I’m potentially  a part of right now. I just purchased a web domain this morning and am working on creating a site to connect the people I know are out there who share certain qualities and interests that would enjoy this niche tribe. After the site is built, I’ll post more about it.

For now, go start a tribe.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Social Media and Tribal Influence

  1. Cheri says:

    Sounds interesting! I have a friend who is a journalists who I hear from a lot on Facebook that would be interested. I’ll pass you along.


    1. Dim sum HK-life says:

      Thanks for the share! I find it interesting that this is being termed as a tribe now. Forums, groups, fan sites, etc have been around for a long time. The idea of tribes seems more focused on deeper social implications using these tools, though. If your friend has any questions, let me know. I have a BA in Journalism, but ended up in education. I still do some freelance photo J work from time to time.


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