Point, Counterpoint: Dealing with Obnoxious FB Friends

There will always be an ongoing debate about the use of social media and it’s effects on society. Ultimately, people are responsible for themselves.


“Social Media is a scary thing. We’ve allowed out innermost thoughts and feelings to bleed out like we all have Turrets syndrome. The universality of it is wonderful, but also causes more stressed from around the world. It destroys relationships, and creates triggers. Worst of all, we’re all addicted to it.”


We’re not all addicted to social media. From a personal perspective, I have to make myself use it. For the rest of society, if you have problems with the uncontrolled nature of some people’s sharing habits, don’t use it–or at least use it intelligently. If it drives you crazy, hide people that create triggers for you from your feed on Facebook/Twitter/whatever so that you’re not inundated with their stupid drivel. Even if you’re down to ten people on your feed, the rest of your “friends” won’t be offended because they’re still your “friends” on that network.

Social media isn’t scary. People are scary.


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