Affinity Space_Update


I am completely intimidated by affinity spaces.

I’m not a social person online. Until this semester I had avoided using Twitter since 2012  when I first gave it a go. I use Facebook to tell people happy birthday, and that is it. My interaction with forums and online communities has traditionally stemmed from a need. I reach out on the Adobe forums every once in a while to get advice on an issue, and that’s about the extent of my experience up to this point.

For this course I chose to join All Things Terran on Reddit because it works nicely matching my affinity space with the game I chose for play this semester: StarCraft 2.

I’ve lurked on the site for a couple weeks now, studying the interactions, questions, types of posts and the content within.

I’m hesitant to post. I’m new to online gaming and I don’t understand a number of things that are being posted about. I’m still learning game mechanics and basic strategy at this point in my play.

Despite my noobery, I have been able to learn some valuable things through the site. A recent post about scouting, for example gave me some insight into better strategy methods that will help me out when I start playing live games.

I’ve noticed that everyone is pretty cordial in the space, which is helpful. You can tell a lot about a post’s worth based upon whether or not it receives feedback.

The group currently has 9,722 members. The rules and guidelines for the group seem pretty well constructed.

Unless the question is somewhat vague, users are supposed to submit a play video of what they are struggling with so people can give better advice. Users are supposed to “attempt some level of self-analysis” in their post. Other pieces of advice from the page guidelines include “Use the search bar,” “don’t give baited answers,” and “don’t be offensive.”

That last one is the one that I liked the most since I have very little experience with online gaming and trepidation about forums and affinity spaces.

One thing that I really like, and it ties into inclusion, is that there is a weekly Help a Noob thread. I’ve been going over some of the posts in there as a starting point to get acquainted with the basics and the terminology (it took me a few minutes to learn one of the most used shorthands TvZ, Terran vs Zerg) used in the space.

I found this post a while back when I was first looking at the site. It seems to sum up the group fairly well:


My goal this week to start participating actively, to post a replay and get feedback on an issue.


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