Affinity Space_Update2

I’m really starting to question whether or not I chose an ideal affinity space.

Part of the guidelines is to search your queries before you post to see if they have already been answered. I’m new to the game and my skill level is still fairly beginner level. When I search the site, my question has already been answered, rendering it as more of a resource guide than an interactive experience. In addition to this, I hit a setback this week when I tried to record my online game.

If you’re posting about specific play, you’re supposed to upload a video so people can see what you’re talking about. I used a screen capture program, screencastomatic, to record my game so I could find a point in the game to ask for advice on the forum. When I checked the footage the next day I realized that there is some type of block that won’t allow me to record the game play. *Everything looks fine in the menu, but when you start the game the screen goes black and only audio is recorded.

Over the next couple of days, my first priority will be to figure out what I need to do to capture footage during game play. I’d really prefer to not spend money on the solution, if possible. At this point, uploading footage of game play seems like the best way to interact in the space and get useful feedback through participation, unless I spend a lot more time playing and learning the game. Maybe I’m just psyching myself out.

Another option is to use the site to find people to play the game with online. Again, I’m hesitant because of my skill level.

There are definitely some enjoyable moments even as a spectator. For example, reading this rant by a player complaining about playing as Terran and calling it quits. He does have some good points.

There are a surprising number of tools that people use to interact in the space such as (a hosting site for StarCraft II game play videos) and GG Tracker. GG Tracker, specifically, is one of the tools members of the group are supposed to use to have people give more valuable feedback.


As I stated above, the site really has been a valuable resource for learning. I had no idea tools like GG Tracker and hosting sites dedicated to StarCraft II replays even existed before I joined the subreddit group. It has expanded my literacy.

Moving forward, I just need to post something.

*Update:I figured it out. Starting to catch up on the learning curve.


2 thoughts on “Affinity Space_Update2

  1. Rocz3D says:

    Are you exploring Blizzard’s Starcraft II forums, or another space? I am finding that my affinity space (Blizzard’s World of Warcraft forums) is presenting me with a similar struggle. It is okay as a resource to look up stuff. There are a few threads that evolve into a discussion about the game, or culture, but finding them is difficult.

    For recording gameplay on pc, I use XSplit. There is a free option that lets you record in 720p, or 1080 with a watermark in the upper right corner of the stream. You can stream on Twitch, or record your gameplay. I think the full license is about 5 dollars/month.


    1. Dim sum HK-life says:

      I haven’t looked at Blizzard’s forums. There’s chatter on the StarCraft II board, it’s just that most novice questions have been answered already. I’ll have to check out the Blizzard forums, too. Thanks for the tip about XSplit!


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