Affinity Space_Update3


Since my last post, things have been looking up. The video issues were resolved, and I have felt a little more clear on what I’ve observed and learned through the affinity space.

I touched on the meritocratic nature of affinity spaces in gaming in my last post. This has kind of been the biggest takeaway for me. The site is set up to be a valuable resource for people interested in gaming strategies relevant to Terran play in StarCraft II. If you’re new to the game, your question has likely been answered already and you are free to browse old threads–if you need specific feedback, just use the right tools so that people can give you the best advice possible. It’s well-thought-out, it’s friendly, it’s honest, and it’s useful. Until you’ve played a bit, you’re not likely to have new or specific questions. It also takes playing the game to understand the tools needed for feedback on the site–this is where a level of meritocracy lies. If you’re not actually interested in the game, you’re not likely playing the game. Therefore, why would you be choosing to engage in this particular affinity space? Experience merits admittance to a community. Even within the community, you will see players speculate as to who’s the best player. Actions and abilities are part of earning respect.


So unless you’ve been playing for a while, a space like this will first act as a reference guide. Once you’ve achieved a level of familiarity/mastery, it becomes an interactive space where you can get specific feedback to improve your gaming.

It wasn’t until I started playing games online with my friend that I started to understand the things that I needed to understand for this space to be more than a reference guide.

We started by playing different maps and then moved on to playing co-op missions for fun. The next step to evaluate progress is playing against other random players. There are some amazing players out there, just watch play on Twitch or check out the videos people post in the affinity space.

These spaces exist to support and revel in a common enjoyment. If you can find one that does so in a way that is culturally appealing to you, then you will likely enjoy it even more. From what I’ve seen on the space, I like the culture the admins and users have created and as I get better at the game, I will likely become more involved. Until then, I will enjoy the conversations people have had to this point and learn from them.


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