Hong Kong is probably my favorite place in the world. My friends will roll their eyes when I bring it up (which I try not to, unless I’m speaking with someone that’s been there). What’s not to love? It’s clean, efficient, the infrastructure is immaculate, the population is incredibly diverse, it’s a society that values education and has high education rates, you can find excellent food of any kind (except Mexican food. They have it, I know, but it sucks.), and it has served as a source of inspiration for me ever since I first got off the airplane and wondered what in the world an octopus card was.

The Wall Street Journal published an excellent interactive piece on the walled city that used to exist in Kowloon. The amount of research and time gathering materials, putting together videos and creating the shell for the piece, really inspired me today and made me miss that part of the world.

I would highly recommend checking it out:  http://projects.wsj.com/kwc/#chapter=people