Advertising a new minor:

Version 1:

Version 2:

Video overview of yearlong project for the Colorado Department of Education:

Sourdough Bread and Digital Remix Culture:

Below is a video overview of a project that another UC Denver grad student and I worked on together:


The video linked below is a introduction I created for INTE 5340 using Adobe After Effects:

The link below will direct you to a recent video project I did on news headlines. The videos are housed in an interactive player created using Adobe Captivate 9:



Below is a video covering my experience with a specific affinity space and how Gee and Hayes’ 14 criteria for a nurturing affinity space can be applied to my experience:


Below is a Pecha Kucha presentation on Thai culture that I did for the Creative Designs course:

Below is a short video showing coffee art:


Below is a basic YouTube tutorial on smoking ribs using the Big Green Egg:


Below are a couple of samples of work from my time at MSU Denver, including highlight reals, promos, and classroom instruction recordings for online learning.

Piano Celebration Highlights 2012 


A Night at the Opera – Metro Symphony Orchestra Performs the Overture to Nabucco

General Biology II- Unit 2, Lecture 9

For general Biology II, I shot video of the course every week, edited videos, created title sequences and end credits, and uploaded to the teacher’s Blackboard site.

!st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference Highlights 


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